How Skin Tags are Removed Using Electrolysis

How Skin Tags are Removed Using Electrolysis

Skin tags can be quite irritating. They get cut by razors, caught on jewellery, and pinched by your waistband or innerwear. If you have large skin tags on your eyes, it’s all the more embarrassing. Visit Mana’s Med Spa today for a Free consultation and professional electrolysis treatment in Richmond Hill, Aurora or Newmarket.

Electrolysis offers a highly effective solution for removing skin tags. It is a fuss-free and affordable treatment to remove skin tags from your body and face. The results are highly effective and permanent.

What are Skin Tags?

Hundreds of thousands of people have skin tags. Some people are more susceptible to developing skin tags than some others. Medical experts believe that genetics play a huge role in skin tags. Skin tags are also common amongst obese people and pregnant women.

A skin tag can crop up anywhere on the body. They are commonly found on the face, eyebrows, underarms, neck and below the bra line. They may also form on bikini-line and the eyelids.

Skin tags are brownish, wobbly and soft flaps of skin are the result of friction caused by skin to skin contact or when the skin rubs against clothing. Most skin tags are benign. However, some may grow on to become as big as a grape.

When you are looking for a highly affordable and effective solution for skin tag removal, visit Mana’s Med Spa for the best electrolysis treatment in Richmond Hill.

Removing Skin Tags Using Electrolysis

You will find tons of home remedies for removing skin tags. Some are painful, some are downright ineffective, some may take a lot of time to take effect and yet other treatments may cause side effects.

Advanced laser and electrolysis offers a permanent and highly effective solution for permanently removing skin tags. Here at Mana’s Med Spa, we cauterise skin tags using an electrolysis needle. This treatment removes skin tag without leaving any scars and ensures that the tags don’t reappear. The number of treatments you require will depend on the number of tags you have as well as their size.

Electrolysis treatment for skin tags removal is a painless solution. You don’t need any anesthesia for removing most skin tags. Our specialists might apply a topical cream before removing larger tags.

You might see some immediate discoloration. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Other than that, there’s no permanent scarring with electrolysis treatment for skin tags.

Electrolysis Treatment in Richmond Hill

Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. Our experienced staff will remove your skin tags efficiently and effectively.

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